The Mighty Inexorable Eternal Cosmic Law


that governs all the visible and invisible, known and unknown material, spiritual, subjective, objective, physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, living and non-living processes, products, and manifestations in all the Universes of The Cosmos

The Only Eternally Existing Cosmic World Governing and Guiding Body



When repeated lies get established as unquestionable truths, it is but natural that truths sound untrue and if they happen to be first time heard truths they sound all the more untrue! 
Today we still live in a conceptual environment that has become highly contracted, shrunk, narrowed down and is suffocating, self-defeating and self-destructive. It is because we still continue the most ruinous imprisonment of ours in the so-called acceptable methods of so called valid thinking and understanding that were developed by ignorant, inexperienced, imbalanced and unevolved individuals the greatest misfortune of becoming whose followers has befallen us.

Since our conceptual framework itself is very very narrow now, as a result of having adopted most irrationally, unquestioningly, unashamedly and  unpardonably the ignorance, the inexperience and the imbalance of undependable individuals as the acceptable valid knowledge, valid experience and valid balance, if we hear anything that falls outside the scope of such  narrow conceptual framework (whose prisoners unfortunately we still are unawares) it sounds not only untrue but also impossible.

Fortunately facts and truths do not change on the basis of how they sound to our ears which are conditioned by our minds that are imprisoned in fragmentary, misleading and false conceptual frameworks.



 The very title of this article may sound unbelievable and impossible. It is bound to be because of three important factors. One is, the narrow fragmentary and false conceptual framework which we today have, prejudicing our minds and  hearts with high sounding words in the name of progress, scientificality , rationality etc., becomes the greatest hindering block in the way of our developing even the faintest idea of our hidden potentialities and the  incredible possibilities awaiting our realization. The other is, today we happen to be living in a world filled with people who are neither truth seekers, truth-speakers nor truth-perceivers, who are either habitual liars or who are prepared to tell any lies for selfish ends or whose perceptions and understanding are either immature, defective, fragmentary, faulty and thereby unreliable. The third is the fallible individuals with fragmentary knowledge, however much respected and acclaimed, who have become our authority today in every matter.

In spite of being placed in such conditions those of us who can keep themselves ever receptive to truth, and ever earnest to put it into practice are the most fortunate. It is they who only are fit to lead their fellow human beings the world  over.



Hence, to see that there be at least one place in the whole world where truth and truth only is available in its wholeness and from where one can receive the Authentic Infallible Wholistic-wholistic(since the term 'wholistic' is not being used nowadays in an all inclusive manner, it has necessitated to use the expression 'Wholistic-wholistic' meaning all inclusive without excluding any part or any aspect.) Knowledge and Guidance in every walk of life both for individual and collective needs, and on local and global planes has Satya Vidya Peetham come into existence as the outermost organ of the Cosmic World Governing and Guiding Body to be easily accessible to all seekers of Satya Vidya(True Education).


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