1. Today each one of us who is conscious of the world conditions knows that the world we live in is NOT safe at all.
  2. That such unsafe condition is the product of our own human beings' deeds is an undeniable fact.
  3. Then, we are faced with the inescapable question of why we have allowed ourselves to land in such  self-destructive global conditions.
  4. The only answer to it is we human beings have been more and more neglecting and moving away from the Great Seers' Most Auspicious Infallible Wholistic-wholistic Intelligent Guidance and following more and more our own fallible fragmentary unwholistic and unintelligent cleverness!
  5. When one hears this answer in today's world there is the likelihood of those who do not understand it to be more in number than those who understand it.
  6. It is to such extent that we have allowed our world and our lives to degenerate and fall!
  7. By becoming lax in following the Great Seers' Auspicious Wholistic-wholistic Guidance we, with our negligence-carelessness- laziness-unalertness, preferring our own whims and fancies to the Great Seers' Guidance allowed our valuable lives and the world we live in to go into the grip of devilish pps (physical-psychological-spiritual) terrorist mafias and gangsters and their ever anti-social, anti-human, and anti-progress lchk (i.e., loot-cheat-hate-kill) movements.
  8. Once they got hold of our lives, whenever and wherever we allowed ourselves to be weak in thought-speech-action, they by all means of force, fraud, and terror promptly set themselves on their mission of destroying all our greatest treasures, our greatest achievements--all that was greatest, highest, noblest and the best that we had over centuries acquired lest we would remember our golden oneness in the past, our common language, our common outlook, our common culture, our common customs, traditions, etc., etc.
  9. Hence, today we are what we are: ignorant (of our own original golden past oneness), confused, divided, strife ridden, conflict bound to the extent of creating globally self-destructive conditions!!
  10. It is in view of the present most dangerous global conditions, which we have foolishly allowed to develop, that we should wake up on war footing and resume reorganizing our individual  and collective -- our local and global lives in tune, in harmony with The  Mighty Inviolable Eternal Cosmic Law that governs all the visible, invisible, known and unknown material, spiritual, subjective, objective, physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, living and non-living processes, products, and manifestations in all the Universes of The Cosmos, which alone ensures consistent and simultaneous peace, prosperity, progress (evolution), and welfare to each and every one of us.
  11. It is to provide humanity with the ever needed, never obsolete, and ever auspicious infallible body of knowledge of such Mighty Inviolable Eternal Cosmic Law that Satya Vidya Peetham exists.
  12. And it is to preserve, and protect such invaluable body of knowledge and make it available to every human being on this planet that the trainees/members of Satya Vidya Peetham are dedicated to.
  13. Any and every sincere seeker who is committed to his/her own true welfare and/or fellow human beings' true welfare with true peace, prosperity, and progress is ever welcome to Satya Vidya Peetham.
  14. It is to see that Good wins over Evil that SVP ever strives for.
  15. The noble individuals who have come forward to dedicate their lives for the preservation, protection, and spread of the know-how of  following The Mighty Inviolable Eternal Cosmic Law for true welfare of the whole of humanity and to see that Good ever has the upper hand over Evil are looked after by Satya Vidya Peetham.
  16. Hence, every individual who sincerely wishes to see  Good  win over Evil is solicited to continuously and wholeheartedly contribute to  Satya Vidya Peetham by all means.

What SVP is presently engaged in:
  1. Providing the most Auspicious  Guidance for the fulfillment of all the Five Purushaarthaas (i.e. Goals of Human Life) viz., Dharma (knowledge of The Mighty Inviolable All Encompassing Eternal Cosmic Law), Artha (the means), Kaama (the desire), Moksha (the liberation), and Praapthi (the attainment)
  2. Preparing to release  into the world the so far made available and permitted Authentic Saastric Material (i.e., Infallible Body of Knowledge) of The Only Eternally Existing Cosmic World Governing and Guiding Body
  3. Training individuals in the auspicious Wholistic-wholistic know-how of following The Mighty Inviolable Eternal Cosmic Law known also as Suddha or Sanaatana Dharma
  4. Supporting by all available means the individuals who have dedicated their lives to the preservation of any of the  Saastric (i.e. the Infallible Auspicious) Body of Knowledge
  5. Rescuing the Wholistic-wholistic Arts and Sciences that are lost or almost lost
  6. Celebrating: 
    1. Vaisaakha Suddha Poornima, that is, the Day of the Reconstitution of the Cosmic World Governing and Guiding Body and the Reissuance Day of the Cosmic Law Knowledge
    2. Guru Poornima: Worshipping the Almighty as The Great Guru since The Almighty Himself has taken up the responsibility of being available as Guru too
    3. 8-Day long Celebrations of  Sree Krishna Janmaashtami : The Day of the Whole of Divinity's  Manifestation on Earth to become easily available to one and all
    4. 10-Day long Navaraatri and Dusserah Celebrations with the Daily Worship of Sree Yoga Devi Yantra in accordance with  Saastric injunctions
    5. Bhagawan Mitra Deva Jayanthi which is celebrated on Pushya Suddha Poornima even by the Great Seers, the Lords of the Seven Rays, and the Great Members of the Cosmic World Governing and Guiding Body
    6. Conducting Anna Daanam i.e. Poor Feeding following each of the above celebrations
  7. Conducting weekly Vijnaana Vedika :  to throw light on each and every aspect of life and to enlighten people to understand the dynamics of the rapidly changing modern world and to equip them to lead their lives truly successfully creating more and more health and wealth at all levels of their being  in tune with the Mighty Inexorable Eternal Cosmic Law i.e., Suddha Dharma also known as Sanaatana Dharma
  8. Preparation of the Text Books and Study Materials that throw light on how to make Good win over Evil
  9. Designing Short Term and Long Term Courses for Dharma (i.e. the Eternal Cosmic Law) Consciousness Awakening throughout the world
  10. Documenting the ever anti-social, anti-human, and anti-progress lchk movements' rule in different countries of the world, and Identifying the movable and immovable properties lost to such ever anti-social, anti-human, and anti-progress lchk movements throughout the world
  11. Documenting the present activities of the ever anti-social, anti-human, and anti-progress lchk movements  throughout the world
  12. Identifying the individuals/institutions/organisations working to see Good win over Evil, and Providing enlightening, inspirational, intellectual, and moral support to individuals and organizations engaged in  reducing Evil in the world
  13. Documenting the experiences of the victims of the ever anti-social, anti-human, and anti-progress lchk movements in the present and the past
  14. SAMRAKSHA wing of the Peetham is engaged in the Preservation and Promotion of Aarsha Culture i.e. the culture given by the Great Seers.
  15. SEKARANA wing of the Peetham is engaged in collecting money and materials that people can spare for use by the less privileged.
  16. HITAPRADA wing of the Peetham is engaged in making available the money and materials collected by SEKARANA to the truly deserving.
  17. ABHAYAPRADA wing of the Peetham is meant to take care of the truly uncared for individuals like children, women and the aged in society.
  18. HAMSA wing of the Peetham is engaged in separating  the original Aarsha culture, tradition, and practices from the present day adulterated pseudo aarsha culture.
  19. AAPTHA wing of the Peetham provides counseling to the needy individuals to solve the interpersonal relationship problems which play a very  important part in human life.
  20. Establishing Centres for Engineering Human Evolution as branches of the Peetham, and also giving BHAARATHA DEEKSHA (Initiation) to individuals deeply and sincerely interested in reorganising and refounding their lives on the basis of Truth and the Eternal Inviolable Dharma, i.e., Righteousness as given by the True Almighty and delivered by the Great Seers to show humanity the True Auspicious Path of Light and Delight, and thereby wish to become Pioneer Volunteers for Re-establishing, Protecting, and Spreading Suddha Sanaatana Dharma i.e., The Mighty Inexorable Eternal Cosmic Law, throughout the world.
  21. UTTHISHTHA wing of the Peetham is to awaken people to the true purpose of human life, true means to fulfill it, true discipline to cultivate, and the right way to function in the external world to fulfill the true purpose of human life, and also to awaken people to factors, forces, and vested interests  that come in the way of their leading life to fulfill the very purpose of human life, and pose threat to the safety and security of their lives, honour, properties, and welfare.
  22. AKSHARA wing of the Peetham is dedicated to spread Samskruta language which is the ONLY language of Cosmic, Evolutionary, the Holiest, and the Noblest nature, and which alone has the greatest power to purify and unite human beings.
  23. BHAARATHI wing of the Peetham  is being developed to serve as the Reference Resource Centre.
  24. Providing Training in Skillful Living in tune with The Mighty Inviolable Eternal Cosmic Law, and Providing  Training in True Leadership so that the world  in future may never be without a True Leader available to it to show and guide it on the auspicious right path, and many more relevant and needed services, and activities.

Be A Proud Pioneer for Re-establishing Dharma Worldwide

        Everyone, excepting those of very very retrograde and narrow minds, would wish, after attending to one's own and one's family's present and reasonably future needs, to find if one's money, mind, talents, skills, materials, property, wealth, contacts, etc., would be of any use in the service of any great, noble cause which would not only give meaning to the wealth that one acquires and owns but also makes one's life purposeful and worthwhile.
        Fortunately in the world now that Satya Vidya Peetham is, no one need settle down to associate with and or contribute to anything less than the greatest, the noblest, and the Wholistic-wholistic.
        In the whole world the most unique and the only Wholistic-wholistic organisation fully, wholly,  and uncompromisingly devoted to the greatest  and the noblest cause under the sun i.e., the cause of re-establishing, Protecting, and Spreading Dharma is Satya Vidya Peetham.
        Dharma is no one's whims, and fancies.
       Dharma is no one's imposition on any other.
        Dharma is the way or the nature of THE ABSOLUTE, i.e., the WHOLE OF EXISTENCE, NON-EXISTENCE, AND THE BEYOND.
     It, therefore, is The Mighty Inviolable Eternal Cosmic Law that governs all the visible, invisible, known and unknown material, spiritual, subjective, objective, physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, living and non-living processes, products, and manifestations in all the Universes of The Cosmos.
        Hence, following Dharma and Dharma alone (the knowledge of which is ever given to humanity by The True Almighty in the form of Saastra i.e. the Infallible Body of Knowledge) ensures eternal universal harmonious welfare of each and every one in this world.
        Dharma is not mere religion.  Dharma is in fact the base for any and every true religion.  Every true religion derives its strength to fulfill its promise(s) by basing itself on Dharma alone.
        Dharma is not mere Yoga, or Meditation.  Dharma is the base for Yoga, Meditation, etc., which would thus make one's yogic, meditational practices bear fruit.
        Dharma is not merely giving spiritual discourses, doing Bhajans, or conducting Geetha Jnaana Yajnaas for years together without, in the first place, producing  Arjunas to protect, preserve, and spread Dharma throughout the world.
       Dharma does not cater exclusively to any one section of people alone or any one aspect of life alone.
        Dharma takes care of any and every one of any and every level of being and of any and every standard of living.
        Dharma does not divide life into the spiritual and the material.  Dharma treats life as an indivisible Whole and forms the base for both the spiritual and the material.
        Dharma does not divide life into the secular and the communal.  Dharma treats life as an indivisible Whole and therefore forms the base for the secular as well as the communal.
        Dharma does not divide life into the religious and the secular.  Dharma treats life as an indivisible Whole and thereby forms the base for both the religious and the secular.
        Dharma deals with the here and the hereafter too.
        Dharma does not divide human beings into the believers, and the infidels.
        Dharma does not divide human beings into the rich and the poor, the haves and the have-nots.
        Dharma does not show any favouritism to anyone or any one section of the people.
        Dharma does not blind anyone with any belief system.  On the contrary, Dharma provides the light of true Wholistic-wholistic Infallible Body of Knowledge.
        Dharma does not trap and imprison anyone in any kind of pps, i.e. physical-psychological-spiritual, fear or terror.  On the contrary, Dharma paves the way for one's true liberation and independence.
        Dharma deals with each and every walk of life, be it political, economical, social, cultural, ecological, physical, psychological, intellectual, spiritual, religious, local, global, relational etc., etc., and each and every aspect of both the individual and the collective life throughout the world.
     Dharma alone unites people, creates peace, and aids each and everyone's true progress and evolution.
       Hence, Dharma is ever the basis for any and every kind of lasting, durable good, welfare for anyone and everyone in the world.
        All living beings work to derive pleasure, avoid pain, create security etc.  But it is only the human being who is endowed with the capacity to rise above such considerations, and choose consciously to function in accordance with, in tune with Suddha Dharma also known as Sanaatana Dharma i.e. The Mighty Inviolable Eternal Cosmic Law wherein alone lies the true welfare of oneself and the world.
        It is in this capacity to rise above animal plane activities, and in the freedom to choose to consciously follow the Cosmic Law i.e. Sanaatana Dharma  that the true secret of humanhood lies.
        Therefore, Satya Vidya Peetham is ever engaged in awakening such Dharma Consciousness in human beings and assist them in exercising their humanhood by choosing to function consciously in accordance with Dharma and thus start their life's greatest adventurous journey of individual evolution to usher in the world the Wholistic-wholistic Evolutionary Civilization called Aarsha Civilisation in place of the present monstrous and self-destructive inhuman civilization.

Now YOU TOO can  be a Proud  Pioneer
for Re-establishing Dharma Worldwide (PREDWO)
  1. By Contributing to Satya Vidya Peetham in cash regularly every month
  1. By Gifting any of the much needed items like:
    1. Video camera(s)
    2. Xerox machine(s)
    3. Overhead projector(s)
    4. Video Player(s)
    5. Fax machine(s)
    6. Public Address system(s)
    7. Audio Recording Unit
    8. Video Recording Unit
    9. DTP Units: PCs, Printers, Scanners
    10. Mini Offset Printing Unit(s)
    11. Vehicles :  two wheelers, four wheelers
    12. C.D.Writer(s)
    13. Microfilming Unit
    14. Books, Magazines, Articles, and Manuscripts
    15. Permanent Premises for :
      1. Library
      2. R & D
      3. Audio & Visual Studio
      4. Printing Unit
      5. Documentation Unit
      6. Publication Unit
      7. Training Unit
      8. Accommodation/Residential Unit
      9. Mess
      10. Store/Stock

You can also be a Proud Pioneer SPONSOR of  any of the Events or Celebrations or Projects that the Peetham conducts every year.

How SVP is a Boon to the Spiritually inclined:
       Satya Vidya Peetham assists sincere seekers of spirituality and the public in general in filling their lives with more and more number of truths and in getting rid of more and more number of lies since it is truth that takes an individual nearer to the Divine.  Unfortunately in today's world we find a number of so-called spiritual individuals and organizations working knowingly or unknowingly as agents of innumerable lies!!
        No individual filled with lies whether about the inner world or the outer world, whether about the invisible world or the visible world can EVER hope to succeed in reaching the Divine.
        Hence, any serious and sincere person truly interested in approaching the Divine need to fill himself day in and day out with more and more truths about life-world-divinity etc.  Ironically today most of the so-called spiritual individuals and organizations themselves are functioning to distance the ignorant and innocent individuals ( wishing to approach the divine ) from the Divine by filling their minds with lies and training them to function unrighteously and unwholistically.
        It is Satya Vidya Peetham and Satya Vidya Peetham alone in the whole world that makes the Wholistic-wholistic Authentic Know-how of The Mighty Inviolable Eternal Cosmic Law also known as Suddha Dharma or Sanaatana Dharma which alone ensures true peace, prosperity, and progress (evolution) of every true seeker.

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