What is Satya Vidya Peetham ?
  1. Satya Vidya Peetham is the 5th (from the Ultimate Hierarchy in the descending order) and the Only Organisation of The Only Eternally Existing Ageless Cosmic World Governing and Guiding Body (whose Present Executive itself is over 12000 years old) accessible to one and all in this world. 
  2. Since it is of the Cosmic World Governing and Guiding Body, it is The Only BRAHMEE Organisation in the world dealing with all the three aspects of BRAHM, viz., Atma (Life), Sakti (Energy), and Prakriti (Matter), and thereby happens to be The Only Wholistic-wholistic Organisation in the world. 
  3. Though there is no equivalent in English for the word, 'Vidya', since it is being loosely understood  and  referred  to as  'education',  Satya Vidya Peetham  means  True Education Foundation. 
  4. The significance of Vidya is best understood from the saying : " Without Vidya man remains a peculiar animal! " 
  5. It has to be  carefully noted that the saying states that man remains a peculiar animal without Vidya but not without studies! 
  6. Thus it was recognised long ago that studies don't have the capacity to transform a human being for better as Vidya does. 
  7. But unfortunately today even in the country that gave Vidya to the whole world, Vidya is not available in any of the hundreds of so-called educational institutions! 
  8. And everywhere in the so called educational institutions what is available is nothing but studies, studies---varieties of studies, e.g.., medical, engineering, business, etc.,etc. 
  9. Calling studies education misleads and confuses our understanding to such an extent that just by doing some academic studies we tend to believe that we are educated without having ever been educated!! 
  10. And today's situation is precisely that! 
  11. Hence we come across many a time exclamations like, "Being educated  he/she is saying/doing/behaving like this!" 
  12. Academic Studies are NOT Vidya (education). They are only a small bit of education.  Hence, they can't and don't transform a human being into a better person whereas Vidya (true education) can and does with  or without academic studies! 
  13. It is to make such extraordinary evolutionary Vidya (that deals with the whole of life) available in the world that Satya Vidya Peetham has come into existence.  It admits any and every sincere seeker of Vidya. 
  14. When one thoroughly gets grounded in what all SVP imparts, one becomes progressively eligible to be admitted into the next three higher organisations following successful absorption of  what all is imparted in each higher organisation. 
  15. Then from there one would advance to get admitted into  the CWGGB which is directly governed by The Almighty.
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